In-game Events

New Daily Fragments : Goku

Daily fragments is a free in game event in Super Saga iOs et Android ! Do some tasks and collect warrior fragments and other things.

Legendary Equipment

Legendary Equipment is a event in SuperSaga Game which can give some you some good pieces of weapons and/or armors.

Draw a Card

Draw a card is a event in SuperSaga Game. Spend 350 diamonds to receive a warrior and 10 points. At 1200 points, you get the Top rewards, at 800 points the consolation one

World Lottery

World Lottery is the main event in SuperSaga game. It is the only way to have the latest event cards. Save your diamonds guys !!

King Kai Trial

Chances of challenge every day: 3 times (9 times at max) Rewards: Win Gold, Diamonds, Key and others with every five stages. (Obtain diamonds the next day if you are ranked yesterday.) (Ranked successively can be awarded Dragon treasure chest.) Difficulty: Newbie Normal Difficult Formation: Battle of 5 Battle of 6 Battle of 8 Battle […]