Draw a Card

Draw a card is a event in SuperSaga Game. Spend 350 diamonds to receive a warrior and 10 points. At 1200 points, you get the Top rewards, at 800 points the consolation one

Draw a Card current rewards

Draw a card appears every 4 days in Super Saga Game. Spend 350 to get one warrior between 3 stars and 5 stars and some pieces of a warrior. Each 10 tries, you got a free launch. Every 12 hours, you get another free try. Each try give you 10 points even the free ones. You get some good rewards at these steps :

  • 60 points: 1* Super Warrior Capsule, 100* Elemental Pill
  • 100 points: 500* Holy Water, 1* pumpkin C, 100* Senzu Bean Seed
  • 200 points: 2* Medium vigour crystal, 15* Round Stone
  • 400 points: A 5 stars warrior (normal) which cannot be found in Kame house
  • 800 points: 5* Refined Iron, exchangeable by a event warrior (Super)
  • 1200 points: 7* Refined Steel, exchangeable by a better event warrior (Super)

Draw a card is the main source of warriors cards in this game. You shall combine participating this event with the consumption task to add huge rewards.

Particularity of this event, is that we know exactly how will cost the warrior you want. If you do the free tries each 12 hours, the 1200 step warrior card will cost :

42,000 – 4*350 – 12*350 = 36,400

And the 800 step warrior will cost you :

28,000 – 4*350 – 8*350 = 23,800

Last in-game notice for Draw a card event

History of Draw a card rewards

1200 points rewards

800 points rewards