Legendary Equipment

Legendary Equipment is a event in SuperSaga Game which can give some you some good pieces of weapons and/or armors.

Legendary Equipment current rewards

Legendary Equipment appears every 4 days in Supersaga Game. It is a server lottery, spend 100 to spin the wheel of rewards and get 1 points.

Here the Wheel looks like :

You get rewards at these steps :

Legendary Equipment is the main source of equipment in this game. You must combine participating this event with the consumption task to add huge rewards.

Particularity of this event, is that three rewards are diamonds (200 / 100 / Super reward). When you try to reach 400 points step, you must consume 40,000 , but, depends on your luck, but you will certainly win between 3,000 and 10,000 diamonds during your consuming. It is a good way to save some diamonds for another event like Draw a Card or World Lottery.

Last in game notice for Legendary Equipment event

History of rewards in Legendary Equipment

400 points rewards

100 points rewards