Round Stone

Round Stone is a long, but sure way to obtain some powerful events warriors !! just collect 150 of them in events and exchange them !

Round Stone is a item in SuperSaga added in the game, in version 5.0. It is one of the few “free” way to obtain event warriors.

List of Warriors obtainable with Round stone

These warriors are obtainable with exchanging 150 round Stones. You will obtain a normal version of the warrior. So you need 150*5 to make it Godly. They are some of the most powerful warriors in the game (like Buugohan or Super Syn).

How to obtain many round stones ?

Obtaining round stones is a long trip, but sure and Free. Here is the list of events where you can obtain round stones as rewards :

  • (FREE) Daily Tasks : 3 round stones per-day are available for free (or just gold) :
    – Participating guild war give you one round stone.
    – Make a donation to your guild give you the second.
    – Fight with World Boss give you the last one.
  • Daily Consume Diamonds : You can obtain one more round stone daily if you consume 500 diamonds per day. It is not free, but 500 is quickly consumed, and it isn’t so hard to have it everyday.
  • Legendary Equipment : In this event, when you reach 70 points (around 7000 diamonds), you will obtain a bonus of 15 round stones.
  • Draw a Card : In this event, when you reach 200 points (around 6300 diamonds), you will obtain a bonus of 15 round stones.
  • Consumption Task : After consuming 8888 diamonds, you will receive a bonus of 15 round stones.
  • World Lottery : In some world lotteries, 25 round stones can be obtained. Check the notice in-game.