★ Vigour Cards

Vigour cards are levelled drops you can find in SuperSaga game

How can I find vigour card ?

There are multiple ways to find these cards :

  • Instance : Level D cards are some random rewards of end step of each instance. Use them to upgrade higher cards
  • Gift-bag Fire : Item found as rewards of fights (instance or PvP). It can contains :
    – 1 Level A Vigour Card or
    – 2 Level B Vigour Cards or
    – 5 Level C Vigour Cards.
    Gift-bag Fire are the main source of cards to upgrade High Level cards
  • Consumption Task : At some rewards in consumption task, you receive some gift-bag fire, and at the 28888 step, you receive a Level A card (depending on the notice).
  • Moon stone : Actually, the only way to drop Level S vigour cards. During World Lottery event (Warrior version), you can receive Moon Stone at some steps. Collect 7 Moon Stones and Recharge 29,99$ (during event, check the notice), and you can exchange your 7 moon stones with a Level S card on your choice.

How can I use Vigour card ?

For using your vigour card, you must upgrade a warrior in Adventure > Star Up. After your warrior gain a star, you could put 2 cards on him, and upgrade them with lowest level cards.

★ Vigour Cards