Oceanus Shenron

The only Female from evil dragon balls. Through she wasn't powerful, she was popular among people beacause her beautiful appearance

Oceanus Shenron

Is this warrior is in one of you team ?


Oceanus Shenron is a Defensive warrior in the actual version of the game.

Oceanus Shenron is part of the Spaceman class

Oceanus Shenron Stats:

Stars: ★★★★★ Warriors
Type: Defensive
Base ATK: 165
Base DEF: 230

Oceanus Shenron skills:

Skill 1: Piercing Bomb A
In battle, if against Warrior's defensive and offensive value are higher than you, you will have 25% chance to plunder the 75% discrepant value from enemy to add to yours.
Skill 2: Regenerate S
35% chance to recover 30% attack and defense of your initial value after winning the battle.

Oceanus Shenron Karmas

Evil Force: Dispatch with <Buugohan> together to increase Defense 40%
Another Height: Dispatch with <Pikkon> together to increase Defense 40%
Image Punch: When the Martial Image Punch reaches level 1 or above, increase Defense 40%
Excellent as Main: Equip <Brave Battleaxe> to increase Defense 40%