The God of Destruction from 7th Universe will rampage if he was irritated. He wanted to destroy the Earth because of fighting for his pudding against Buu


Is this warrior is in one of you team ?


Beerus is one of strongest Defensive warrior in the actual version of the game.

Beerus is part of the Spaceman class

Beerus Stats:

Stars: Event Card
Type: Defensive
Base ATK: 240
Base DEF: 335

Beerus skills:

Skill 1: Swap S
Copy skill. 45% chance to copy enemy's skill which has triggered.
Skill 2: Die Hard Attack S
30% chance to reduce 10% HP for causing 50% damage to enemy during battle.

Beerus Karmas

Wild Beast: Dispatch with <Great Ape Goku> together to increase Defense 50%
Capricious Foodie: Dispatch with <Fat Buu> together to increase Defense 50%
Destructive God: When the Martial Final Flash reaches level 1 or above, increase Defense 50%
Evil King Advent: Equip <Evil King's Eye> to increase Defense 50%

Beerus Halo and others talents

Evilpower Rebirth SS
In a form the back 4 warriors(s) when it has skill Revive warrior, Activate halo: Your Team, increase martial Image Punch 3 level(s), increase martial Energy Defense 3 level(s).