Great Ape Goku

Who fight with Baby, he mastaked the earth as Moon ans become Golden Giantopithecus and become crazy!

Great Ape Goku

Is this warrior is in one of you team ?


Great Ape Goku is a strong Defensive warrior in the actual version of the game.

Great Ape Goku is part of the Saiyan class

Great Ape Goku Stats:

Stars: Event Card
Type: Defensive
Base ATK: 225
Base DEF: 300

Great Ape Goku skills:

Skill 1: Spirit Outbreak S
Single Skill, 30% chance to invalidate opponent's skill if opposite warrior had triggered skill and Increase 70% attack/defense, decrease 40% attack/defense of second Round.
Skill 2: Revive Warrior S
13% chance to rebirth myself after defeating, the value of attack and defense will be recovered to original 100% after rebirthing.

Great Ape Goku Karmas

Star Wars: Dispatch with <Great Ape Vegeta> together to increase Defense 50%
Works of penancy: When the Martial King Kai's Punch reaches level 1 or above, increase Defense 50%
My pride: When there are larger <Saiyan> warriors in the formation, increase Defense 50%
My armor: Equip <Ape Armour> to increase Defense 50%

Great Ape Goku Halo and others talents

Momentum S
Increase warrior's basic DEF by4080120160200
Momentum SS
Increase warrior's basic DEF by60120180240300
Annihilation (1st Skill) B
Increase warrior's 1st skill effect by1.20%2.40%3.60%4.80%6.00%
Annihilation (2nd Skill) A
Increase warrior's 2nd skill effect by1.40%xxx7.00%
Rage (2nd Skill) B
Increase warrior's 2nd skill trigger chance by1.20%2.40%3.60%4.80%6.00%
Wild Age SS
In a form 1 warrior(s) ahead and behind, when it is the Saiyan,activate halo: 2 warrior(s) ahead and behind and the current warrior, increase skill Self-destruction trigger chance 3.00%, increase skill Die Hard Attack trigger chance 3.00%